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Marenka Thomson-Odlum: Glasgow and the Legacy of Trans-Atlantic Slavery

While in Glasgow, Andrew Hunter (AGG Senior Curator) talks with Marenka Thompson-Odlum (PhD candidate at University of Glasgow and Glasgow City Museums) about the history of slavery in Glasgow and the public work being done to raise awareness of the role Glasgow played in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade as well as its traces in the contemporary cityscape and finanical legacies. Born in St. Lucia, Thompson-Odlum talks about her background and how she came to study in Glasgow and her hopes for a new museum and cultural centre of Black culture and history in the city.  Hunter draws parallels to the work being done in Canada by scholars and artists engaged with Black history and slavery interviewed in the Black Lives Rooted series of podcasts (particularly Dr. Charmaine Nelson of McGill University, and artists Camille Turner and Charmaine Lurch). A compliment to Hunter’s interview with Rosie Spooner.


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