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Three separate rock sculptures are displayed in front of trees

Donald Forster Sculpture Park

Explore the Donald Forster Sculpture Park and its 41 permanent installations, located on two-and-a-half acres adjacent to the AGG building.

Location 358 Gordon Street Guelph, ON N1G 1Y1

In 1983, the Art Gallery of Guelph (AGG) grounds were developed into the Donald Forster Sculpture Park to be used for permanently sited sculptures, temporary installations of large-scale pieces, and an outdoor activity space for events like children’s art classes. The outdoor sculpture collection is enhanced with landscaping elements such as paved areas, lighting, berms, and plantings appropriate to the design of the park and siting of individual works. The objective is to acquire sculptures that represent the best work being produced in Canada while including some examples of historical and international works. The Sculpture Park is a unique tourist attraction for the city and region and an important educational resource for area educational institutions. Six commissions have been funded with the generous support of du Maurier Arts Ltd. The AGG Volunteer Association has also contributed to the development of the Sculpture Park by raising art acquisition funds through the annual Gardenscapes garden tour. This outstanding venue for permanent sculpture by Canadian artists ranks among the best and most diverse sculpture parks in Canada.

The Donald Forster Sculpture Park, located on two-and-a-half acres adjacent to the building, is a major curatorial project that contributes significantly to AGG’s overall programming objective to present exhibitions, research, and a dynamic collection of contemporary Canadian Art. It is the largest sculpture park at a public gallery in Canada, featuring 41 works by prominent Canadian and international artists. The Sculpture Park is open daily from dawn to dusk.

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Image detail: William Noah, Kivioq’s Journey Ends, 2005, limestone. Commissioned with funds donated by the Class of 1955, on the 50th anniversary of their graduation from Macdonald Institute, in memory of Professor Gordon Couling, 2005, University of Guelph Collection at the Art Gallery of Guelph


Presented in partnership with the University of Guelph.


A photograph of 3 large rectangular black boxes balancing on top of one another.
Kosso Eloul
A photo of a blackish bronze plate with an image that depicts a mother hugging her child.
Walter Bachinski
Mother and Child
Sculpture of a turkey.
Frances Loring
Sculpture of a man with no shirt and a bandana around his neck with his right hand on his hip drinking from a bottle.
Florence Wyle
The Harvester
A photo of two statues made of bronze. One statue depicts a figure of a horse and the other is an individual holding an oven-mitten shaped object.
Cynthia Short
A photo of several white archways made of steel surrounded by trees.
Tony Urquhart
Magic Wood
A close-up photo that shows the eye of a horse statue made of bronze.
Robert Wiens
Enclosure with Sections of a Horse and Solider
Large sculpture of a face with short hair.
Evan Penny
This photo shows four statues made up of scrap metal and steel depicting a family riding on top of a horse.
Andreas Drenters
Pioneer Family
Large dog sculpture with flowers and leaves in the background.
Frances Gage
A photo of a greenish bronze bench surrounded by a grassy field.
Catherine Burgess
Things as They are: Guelph September 27, 1990
Small boat on grass with the Art Gallery of Guelph building in the background.
Brian Scott
Stray Plow
Three large grains of wheat scaled to the size of large birds.
John Greer
Three Grains of Wheat
Silver metal arch on grass with trees in the background.
Reinhard Reitzenstein
Memory Cell
A photograph of various coloured houses stacked upon each other. These houses are surrounded by trees.
Kim Adams
Crab Legs (Studio)
Two sculptures next to each other. Sculpture on the left is a longer abstract red and grey rock, and sculpture on the right is a shorter abstract red and grey rock.
John Greer
Gas Jets
A photograph of a large book made from bronze with leaf engravings on the pages. This book is held up by wooden logs.
Jane Buyers
Sculpture of a feather.
John Greer
A photograph of three faces made of beige coloured concrete, all being held on top of a red steel surface.
Evan Penny
A photograph that shows a bronze statue of an upright black coloured bear.
Carl Skelton
Canadiana / Begging Bear
A photograph of a triangle shaped dome made from fiberglass that has blue, red, and green colouring on top of it.
ex ovo omnia
Black and white photo of a woman on a black frame hung on a brick wall with leaves around it. Pine bush with a black engraved sculpture.
Andrew Hunter & William John Hunter
In the Pines
A close-up photo of a stone made of concrete with text engravings that reads “And so it is in the hands of every Canadian”. There is a large crack in the stone where the word “Canadian” is engraved.
Beth Alber
A photograph of a bronze sickle statue attached to a cellphone within a grassy field.
Gu Xiong
The Sickle and the Cell Phone
A photo of a black steel bench on top of a flat rock with two side desks attached to the bench.
Verne Harrison
Dual School Bench
A photo of two statues made of bronze. One statue depicts a goose and the other is an infant lying on the ground.
Tom Dean
A photograph of a giant orange push pin embedded into the concrete ground.
Derek Sullivan
Push Pin
A photograph of a weather station that has nine clock-like circles in the formation of an oval. The weather station is behind a brick wall.
Diane MacLean
Weather Station
A photo of a weathervane with an individual sitting on a bicycle backwards on top of it.
Rodney Graham
Weather Vane
A photo shows three piles rocks stacked upon each other in a triangle formation. These rocks are surrounded by multiple trees.
William Noah
Kivioq’s Journey Ends
A photograph of a bronze campfire, jug, and camping gear all on top stone slabs.
Susan Detwiler
A photograph of a statue that resembles a grey leg.
Ted Fullerton
A photograph of a carved image of a beige coloured dragon. On top of the dragon is a bronze statue of a black coloured beaver.
Mary Anne Barkhouse and Michael Belmore
A photo of a small bronze machine on top of a black coloured slab of stone.
Michael Snow
Wood Calling Bronze
A photograph of two bronze statue skeletons on top of a tree.
Michael Davey
Short Life, Long Branch
A photograph that shows a stature of a man made of bronze. The statue is shown to be wearing a suit.
George Boileau
Standing Man
A photograph of a white pillar holding a large, tangled nest.
Janet Morton
Before Flight
A photograph of a bush with blooming pink flowers along with an old machine hidden within it.
Gord Peteran
Artifact of Invention
A photograph of a patch of smoothed out dirt surrounded by slabs of rock and grass.
Don Russell
Circle Mound
A photo of a television box and two chairs made of a greenish bronze material.
Living Room Suite
A photograph of four brown pots, with 3 being distant, and one close. The pot has patterns of leaves and flowers.
KC Adams
Maada’oonidiwag (Coming Together)
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