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A photograph of the Art Gallery of Guelph building from the outside in front of the building sign.

AGG & Visual Identity

The Art Gallery of Guelph launches new website.

The Art Gallery of Guelph is pleased to announce the launch of the Gallery’s new website. Making the gallery’s cultural experiences more accessible locally and provincially, nationally, and internationally, the gallery aims to reach the communities it serves through diverse modes and media in ways that also highlight an array of images and narratives. “The experiences and stories they reflect are inherent to the engaging content the gallery generates everyday, and this website is intended to enrich and increase accessibility to this content beyond our walls,” says Executive Director Shauna McCabe, “An important element of the Art Gallery of Guelph’s visual identity, it is also part of our efforts to reimagine impact and relevance – what an art museum can and should be for the 21st century.”

Designed and developed by Junction Design, the platform features enhanced information on current and upcoming exhibitions, a robust area for programs and special events, information on our education programs and resources, as well as engaging digital content and projects. As always, the gallery’s online collection remains a key feature. “We wanted this new website to offer access to the full spectrum of what we do, and to be a resource globally for audiences, collaborators, and researchers,” says the gallery’s Community Engagement Coordinator, Nicole Neufeld. “As it grows, the website will provide another opportunity for artists to exhibit their work outside of traditional gallery spaces. Visitors from around the world can see our programs, research, and collections as well as new digital projects, and can explore our current and future exhibitions in more in-depth.”


This project was made possible through the support of the Ontario Arts Council’s Arts Response Initiative.

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