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Drawing of numerous storage units in snow with a mountain background.

ᖃᐅᑕᒫᑦ | Qautamaat

Curated by

Taqralik Partridge

Meaning both “everyday” and “every day,” Qautamaat speaks to Inuit first, through ideas, images, and objects evoking aspects of daily life and relationships that are distinctly Inuk. Bringing together work from the Art Gallery of Guelph’s collection with that of contemporary Inuit artists and makers, the exhibition points to how the patterns of the “Inuit everyday” are inscribed and reinscribed over days and years, seasons and generations, always evolving and learning from what came before. A high value is placed on conveying these rhythms – in any medium. The transposition of Inuit experience into expression is assumed and expected, in forms from beadwork and clothing to Inuit transportation technologies such as the qamutik and qajaq, to prints and drawings, textiles and sculpture. Capturing acutely intimate Inuk sensibilities, such practices represent the most powerful forms of Inuit expression in the public sphere today. Documenting personal experiences, the artworks on view also offer a vivid picture of a collective geography that spans a large part of the circumpolar world as well as the ties of Inuit communities beyond the North.

Curator’s Audio Tour

Image detail: Padloo Samayualie, Shipping Containers, 2019, graphite, coloured pencil and ink, 38.1 x 58.4 cm. Collection of the Art Gallery of Guelph


Qautamaat is presented by the Art Gallery of Guelph with the support of Canadian Heritage through the Museums Assistance Program.


Johnny Aculiak
Monica Siviaq Adjuk
Marjorie Agluvak
Elizabeth Agnrnaqquaq
Fanny Algaalaga
Joe Alikak
Marc Alikaswa
Samwillie Amidlak
Davidulak Alasua Amittu
Luke Anguhadluq
Johnny George Annanack
Ruth Annaqtuusi Tulurialik
Martha Apsaq
Kenojuak Ashevak
Qaqaq Ashoona
Shuvinai Ashoona
Irene Avaalaaqiaq
Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory & Jamie Griffiths
Darcie Bernhardt
Jobie Crow
Tarralik Duffy
Etidlooie Etidlooie
Sheojuk Etidlooie
Tivi Etook
Julie Grenier
Mark Igloliorte
Olive Mamak Innakatsik
Agnes Nulluk Iqqugaqtuq
Tivi Illisituk

Emily Pangnerk Illuitok
Daniel Inukpuk
Osuitok Ipeelee
Naomi Ityi
Lydia Jaypoody
Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona
Y. Kayoak
Anautaq Kiatainaq
Hannah Kigusiuq
Janet Kigusiuq
Anna Kingwatsiak
Iyola Kingwatsiak
Peter Kritik
Markosie Nangaq Kuanana
Tuumasi Kudlluk (Thomassie Kudluk)
Myra Kukiiyaut
Mary Kutsiq
Victoria Mamnguqsualuk
Evie Mark
Lindsay McIntyre
Sammy Nassak
Pierre Nauya
William Noah
Levi Nungaq
Janet Nungnik
Leonie (Amaroalik) Nutaradlaluk
Anthony Oogark

Jessie Oonark
Ame Papatsie
Peter Pitseolak
Eegyvudluk Pootoogook
Kananginak Pootoogook
Pudlo Pudlat
Josephine Pudloo
Celina Seeleenak Putulik
Harold Qarliksaq
Ruth Qaulluaryuk
Lukta Qiatsuk
Melanie Qillulaq
Tikituk Qinnuayuak
Abraham Anghik Ruben
Pitaloosie Saila
Padloo Samayualie
Simona Scottie
Nick Sikkuark
Mary Tuusipik Singaqti
Jamasie Teevee
Simon Tookoome
Paul Toolooktook
Lucy Tasseor Tutsweektok
Oviloo Tunnillie
Marion Tuu’luq
Ulivia Uviluk
Jessica Winters

About the curator

Taqralik Partridge

Originally from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, Taqralik Partridge had been living in Kautokeino, Norway, until recently relocating to Ottawa where she currently directs the Nordic Lab, a branch of Galerie SAW Gallery. A writer, performer and curator, her work was recently on view as part of the Biennale of Sydney and Among All These Tundras. A former Editor-at-Large for the Inuit Art Quarterly and a current member of the IAQ’s Advisory Committee, Partridge has also recently released a book of poetry, Curved Against the Hull of a Peterhead (2020).

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