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a variety of wooden chair suspended from a white ceiling

Q&A | José Luis Torres: Temporary Territories

Dates June 5.2023

Discover the stories and take a deep dive into the processes behind AGG’s current exhibition Temporary Territories in this exclusive Q&A with artist José Luis Torres who guides viewers through the installation that weaves together the biographies of everyday objects converging at this transient but meaningful intersection. Integrating aged and discarded furniture from the local community, the simple gesture of “making do” that informs the construction of Temporary Territories highlights the prolonged ambiguity inherent to experiences of immigration and exile.This interview is recorded in French; both English and French subtitles are available. Born in Argentina, José Luis Torres has lived and worked in Quebec since 2003. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in visual arts, a Master’s degree in sculpture, as well as training in architecture.

Image detail: José Luis Torres, Temporary Territories, 2023, found objects. Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid

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a digital graphic showing a photo of the exhibition Temporary Territories, with text that reads "José Luis Torres: Temporary Territories Q&A"
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