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the words "Cross-Border Dialogues" on a red background

Cross-Border Dialogues

Launching in the fall of 2023, Cross-Border Dialogues features a series of conversations connecting curators and programmers in the United States and Canada.
a variety of wooden chair suspended from a white ceiling

Q&A | José Luis Torres: Temporary Territories

This virtual Q&A and tour with artist José Luis Torres unravels the stories behind the exhibition Temporary Territories.
A view master with a golden interior in front of a black background.

In conversation: Jason Lujan with Rhéanne Chartrand

Tour Under a Star-Filled Sky virtually with Lujan and Chartrand as they discuss how the exhibition fits the trajectory of Lujan's art-making and responds to place and collecting practices.
Four gradient images hang on the walls with a small square mirrored surface on the floor

In Conversation: Meg Ross and José Andrés Mora

Artists Meg Ross and José Andrés Mora discuss the production and display strategies explored in their respective practices.
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