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An individual with black headphones and a jacket is viewing artwork.
Explore our online talks, conversations, and presentations.
image from a 360 degree virtual tour of AGG exhibition Homecoming
Explore and interact with virtual tours of the recent exhibitions.
A photo shows three piles rocks stacked upon each other in a triangle formation. These rocks are surrounded by multiple trees.
Learn about and interact with the Donald Forster Sculpture Park and its 41 sculptures.
A person with a blue baseball cap uses a blue crayon to pick up imprints from the sculpture that the paper is place on
Reimagine artworks from the AGG’s permanent collections in your own colours! Let your colour story begin, download free colouring pages.
A comic with four panels depicting a snowy town. There is a number, “116”, circled at the bottom right of the comic.
Introducing a series of fun at-home art activities for kids and families inspired by works in the Art Gallery of Guelph’s permanent collection!
A wooden sign and a painting hang in front of a window. The sign reads: “TODAY’S TOM THOMSON”, with the painting hanging under it.
Today’s Tom Thomson is a project by the AGG’s former Gallery Coordinator, Verne Harrison. Inspired by the gallery’s collection of works by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, Harrison recreated their iconic images of Canadian terrain and exhibited them outdoors during COVID-19 quarantine.
an art installation in a gallery consisting of a variety of wooden chairs suspended from the ceiling, with many mirrors arranged on the floor below. Wooden doors are installed on the wall in the background
Take a peek at the inner workings of the gallery and see what goes into creating exhibitions, curating collections, and more!
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