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Eight miniature pieces of ceramic living room furniture

Living Rooms

A community art project aimed at documenting lived experiences during the COVID-19 isolation period.

Since isolation measures took effect, we have come to understand our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and home offices as new landscapes imbued with love and longing, comfort and discomfort. Produced by the Art Gallery of Guelph (AGG) and archived by Guelph Museums as part of their Rapid Response Collecting program, Living Rooms documents the lived experience of people living in and around Guelph during the COVID-19 isolation period. This publication includes works from the AGG’s permanent collection that inspired the Living Rooms project as well as works created by campers participating in the AGG Camp Create summer camps.


About the Art Gallery of Guelph

The Art Gallery of Guelph is one of Canada’s premier public art spaces, engaging audiences with innovative artists and ideas from around the world. Through a rigorous and collaborative artistic program that positions visual culture in an ever-changing cultural landscape, the gallery supports social exchange and shapes public discourse. Located in one of Canada’s most innovation-rich and socially engaged urban environments, the AGG offers compelling artistic encounters and contributes to a thriving national artistic climate through global connections that foster and proliferate creativity and imagination.

About Guelph Mueums

Guelph Museums collects, preserves, and shares the stories of our community, nurturing a sense of place and acting as a hub where history, art and culture meet to engage, inform, and inspire. At three sites – Guelph Civic Museum, McCrae House National Historic Site, and Locomotive 6167 – Guelph Museums offers engaging exhibitions, innovative programming, and inclusive spaces in which visitors are encouraged to share their own stories.

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